Hi Everyone! My name is Natalia Vasco. I am a IFBB pro bodybuilder. I have my bachelors in Kinesiology from CSUF. As well as my cpt certification and comprehensive knowledge in nutrition. I specialize in bodybuilding, nutrition, weight loss, form correction, and personalized programs.

I decided to become a personal trainer and start my own training business Built by Nat, because I am on a mission to empower individuals by motivating and helping them achieve their fitness goals. I love to help others and with all the knowledge I have gained through schooling, my personal experience with my fitness journey, and just the knowledge I have learned from others, I feel that I can help so many individuals reach their fitness goals with the guidance and coaching I offer. Whether it be starting their fitness journey, help with training and nutrition, weight loss, recomposition, or even competing in a bodybuilding show.

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