Anna Rivers – Strength and Conditioning Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Trainer –

I am a fitness enthusiast turned fitness professional as a NASM certified personal coach. While I was never athletic as a child or teen, once I turned 18, I discovered the gym. This is when my love of fitness began. Throughout the years my workouts took on different forms depending on my stage of life. Whether it was during the college years, marriage, motherhood, and even during my career as a social worker, my fitness and health has always been a priority. In my 40’s I decided to make it official and started my career in fitness. Now that I’m 50, it is even more important to continue on this fitness journey I am on. If you are in your mid-life years, you know what I mean. I love helping my clients of all ages with their fitness goals because I have been there. My experience has led me to not only coach 1:1 but also to a wider audience through group fitness classes. I have instructed an array of different formats throughout my career, including aqua fitness, barre, Les Mills BodyPump, HIIT, Silver Sneakers, and Core. When I am not clients or teaching classes, I stay active by hiking, snowboarding and sometimes a nice run with either my husband or one of my 3 kids. Faith, Family and Fitness is how I try to live my life to the fullest.

Brian Rogers – Chino Hills Personal Trainer









Chris Duran – Bodybuilding, Toning & Shaping, Resistance Training

Bodybuilding, Toning & Shaping, Resistance Training – With a decade of unwavering commitment to the fitness industry, I am a seasoned professional dedicated to transforming lives through tailored fitness solutions. My journey has been marked by countless success stories, ranging from beginners taking their first steps into fitness to competitive athletes reaching new heights under my guidance.

As a testament to my comprehensive approach, I hold a nutrition certificate, allowing me to craft personalized nutrition plans that complement and enhance every fitness journey. Furthermore, my expertise extends to sports massage, recognizing the importance of holistic well-being in achieving peak physical performance.

Specializing in transformations, I thrive on helping individuals set and surpass their fitness goals. My proficiency encompasses not only online and in-person weight training but also competitive bodybuilding coaching for both males and females. I believe in the power of a well-structured and individualized fitness plan to unlock the full potential within each person.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking a transformative journey or a competitive athlete striving for excellence, my holistic approach integrates goal setting, nutrition planning, and targeted training to pave the way for your success. With a passion for empowering individuals, I continue to inspire and guide clients toward their fitness aspirations with a decade of expertise as my foundation.

Cyn Escareno – Women’s Fitness & Strength Trainer

Cyn Escareno – Women’s Fitness & Strength Trainer – I’m Cyn, a certified Women’s Fitness Specialist dedicated to empowering women to cultivate strength and confidence, both physically and mentally, through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. My guiding principles are authenticity, simplicity, and femininity, encapsulated in the motto “To be strong inside out.” Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of working with over 100 women, both in-person and online, to help them achieve their fitness goals and unleash their inner strength.

Cynthia Romero – Lifestyle and Body Building

They say age is just a number and here I am living proof that you can reach your fitness goals at any age!

Hi I’m Cynthia and I’ve had a passion for fitness ever since I first started my journey more than 10 years ago. I fell in love with getting stronger and realized I wanted to challenge myself by doing a bikini contest and the rest is history! From being a cardio bunny in the beginning to learning how to lift weights, I can proudly say I’ve done four bikini contests as a masters competitor in the past four years.

Throughout  that time, my passion for fitness grew and I knew I wanted to help others like me gain more confidence in the gym and invest in their future well being just like I did. You see, I understand what happens to your body as you age and am proof that getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness goals or journey. I would love to inspire you and teach you how to not only gain more confidence but also create a strong and capable body that’ll help you no matter your age is or what stage you are at in life! I’m on a mission to age gracefully and would love to guide you on your own journey, too!

Jackie Castillo – Booty Building, & Mind-Body Wellness

Hi! I’m Jackie Castillo, and I’m deeply passionate about fitness, wellness, self-improvement, and creating a supportive community. My fitness journey began in 2018 when I was in college, feeling lost and uncertain about my purpose. I believed that fitness held the key to confidence and clarity, and I set out on a path to discover this for myself.

When I first started, I was clueless. My workouts were simple, revolving around the treadmill and stairmaster. It was a time when women embracing weight training was becoming popular on social media. I’ll never forget the moment that changed everything for me: walking by a woman who looked amazing and radiated confidence. I thought to myself, “I want to look like that.”

With determination, I dove into weightlifting, even though my form was far from perfect. I kept pushing forward, continuously seeking ways to improve. Through trial and error, dedication, and a relentless drive to better myself, I transformed not just my body, but also my mindset. Fitness became more than just a physical activity; it became a source of empowerment and self-discovery.

Today, my mission revolves around empowering women to achieve their fitness goals and build their confidence. My specialties include weight training, enhancing those glutes, and toning the body to help you look and feel your absolute best. I understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting a fitness journey because I’ve been there. That’s why I’m dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support to each of my clients.

Whether you’re looking to build an hourglass figure, strengthen your body, or enhance your overall wellness, I’m here to help. Together, we’ll push boundaries, break barriers, and unlock the best version of you—both mentally and physically. Join me, and let’s start this journey to confidence and wellness together.

Jacqueline Guzman – Fitness Trainer in Chino Hills

My training specialty lies in weight training, where I tailor programs to suit individual needs, whether you’re a beginner or looking to take your fitness to the next level. I believe in the power of strength training to transform not just your body, but your confidence and overall outlook on life.As a psychology major, I understand the importance of mental health in achieving physical fitness. My approach is holistic, aiming to make you more mindful of your body and its capabilities. I work with you to create a balanced lifestyle that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.My mission is to empower you to take control of your health and wellness. I provide personalized training plans, nutritional guidance, and motivational support to help you build sustainable habits. Together, we’ll work on creating a lifestyle that is not only healthier but also more fulfilling

Joe Corona – Personal Trainer in Chino Hills

Joe Corona – Personal Trainer in Chino Hills – As a premier trainer with over 30 years of experience and multiple certifications, I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of individuals towards their fitness goals. From clients to competitors and personal trainers, my expertise goes beyond conventional fitness objectives, encompassing a holistic understanding of athletic performance.

Approaching 50, my journey is enriched by personal experiences, including a transformative weight loss journey, and navigating through chronic pain resulting from past injuries. Rather than being setbacks, these adversities have been pivotal in shaping my approach. Through relentless dedication, I’ve not only managed my own pain but have also developed effective strategies for others.
My ability to build authentic connections with clients allows me to deeply understand their unique needs and fitness aspirations. While many of my clients are professionals in their 30s and 40s, I also have extensive experience working with individuals of all ages, from children to older adults.
If you’re seeking a path to pain-free living through a blend of therapy and training, I’m here to be your ally. Let’s embark together on a journey to unlock your fullest potential.

Josh Onovughe – Body recomposition & Functional training

Starting my fitness journey at the age of 14, I have 17 years of Strength training experience. Along the way I have gained insight on proper form and technique.
My goal is to help people over 30 get stronger and look good while doing so. The average person doesn’t have goals to be a bodybuilder or a powlifter, so my approach is to help people build muscle mass while getting stronger. This is also known as powerbuilding. I also specialize in body recomposition and fat loss. Nutritional assistance and online coaching are available as well.

Kalie Welch – Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer – Hey guys I’m Kalie! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and currently in the process of becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach as well. I specialize in strength training as well as HIIT training, focusing on building the basics and practicing correct form to increase results and decrease the risk of injury, focusing on helping clients develop healthy habits and build a healthy lifestyle. I began my fitness journey back in 2018 after battling with body image and self esteem struggles my whole life, longing to make a change in my lifestyle and body. Little did I know then that fitness would become my biggest passion and I would come to combine fitness and helping others into a career! When I made nutrition and fitness a priority in my life, I watched myself change and grow into a much happier and healthier person both physically and mentally! I finally learned to believe in myself and gained the confidence in my body and self that I had always wished for! My mission is to encourage and support others at all levels as they begin and progress through their fitness journey and help them build a healthy lifestyle helping them transform not only their bodies but their self esteem and watch their confidence grow in and outside of the gym! If you’re looking for someone who is extremely positive and upbeat to give you their all in your journey, pushing you past your self-perceived limits while also being your biggest cheerleader and supporter, I’m your girl!!!!

What is your Training Specialty?
Woman’s fitness

Krystel Bell – Lifestyle Training for Busy Moms

Krystel Bell – Lifestyle Training for Busy Moms – Hey Mama! Are you looking for your community? I’m KBell , a mental health and wellness coach, and an ISSA personal trainer at Self Made Training Facility in Chino Hills. It feels so good to be back home! I’ve lived here my whole life, and now I’m ready to connect with all my Mama friends in the community.

I offer one-on-one coaching, mommy and me classes, couples trainings, group fitness, senior fitness and my favorite, the women’s challenges! I’m super excited to be working back in the hills with you beautiful Mamas! So who’s ready to look good, feel good and do good by making ourselves a priority again ?!?

Let’s freaking go!!

I understand the importance of prioritizing yourself and your mental health, especially when it feels like you’re running in circles and getting nowhere. I am here to help you look good, feel good, and do good with 30 days of prosperity, designed to help moms thrive. Join me in this wonderful community of moms who support each other and set an example for their kids’ future.

Prioritize yourself and your mental health today, for a brighter tomorrow.

Let’s connect and set up a time for a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your goals and what you are hoping to gain during your time with me.

Larry Lopez – Health & Wellness

Larry Lopez – Personal Trainer in Chino Hills, CA – Hello! My name is Larry Lopez, and I started my fitness journey about 8 years ago when I was in the United States Marine Corps. I gained discipline, confidence, experience, and the will to help others achieve their goals. In 2022 I started personal training to spread my knowledge and experience to those wanting to reach and hurdle their fitness milestones. My mission is to make fitness accessible and achievable for busy individuals. With a passion for health and wellness, I understand the challenges of juggling a hectic schedule while striving for fitness goals. I find it prideful to guide and aid individuals on their life journey in and out of the gym. I help design efficient workout routines tailored to fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles. Whether you’re a working professional, a parent, or someone with a packed schedule, I’m here to guide and support you on your fitness journey. I believe in a holistic approach to health, emphasizing physical exercise, nutrition, and mental well-being. Providing personalized training plans and practical strategies for incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine to help you achieve sustainable results. Say goodbye to excuses and hello to a healthier, happier you!

Michelle Ybarra – Personal Trainer in Chino Hills

Michelle Ybarra – Personal Trainer in Chino Hills –

Hi! My names Michelle! I started my fitness journey a couple years back after my having my son. I gained more weight after having him and couldn’t take looking at myself in the mirror. I managed to lose 50 pounds in 4 months but still kept the weight I wanted in certain areas of my body. Fitness transformed my life, I grew a passion and love for working on my body. I learned what it takes to stay consistent and disciplined, and I’m passionate about helping you find the same spark as I did. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness that encompasses both physical and mental well-being. My workouts are designed to be challenging yet enjoyable, blending various training styles to keep things exciting. Together we’ll not only transform your body, but also cultivate a sustainable healthy lifestyle.Whether you’re a new mom or seeking a positive change I’m here for you! Let’s create a personalized plan that fits seamlessly into your life, making health and fitness a joyful part of your routine.

Ozzie Ferozuddin – Body Recomposition

Hello fellow athletes! Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, one thing holds constant for everyone — you are striving to accomplish a goal. My purpose is to tailor and tweak a comprehensive nutrition and training program that will assist you in achieving that goal.

Quick Background and Experience:

-10+ years of training/nutrition experience (informally)
-3+ years experience in fitness industry (formally)
-B.S. Biology & Doctorate level education in human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, & biochemistry

Like many, I struggled with my body fat and body image at a young age. Through educating myself and implementing the knowledge gained over the past decade, I have found success in achieving my dynamic athletic and aesthetic goals. Formally I entered the fitness industry in 2019 at boutique fitness club in Boston. There I developed a deeper understanding of the fitness world and what it means to be a personal trainer. Since then I have moved back home to Southern California where I now train clients out of SMTF-Chino Hills and remotely.

My Training Philosophy:

No matter your athletic history, objectives, or stage of life, 2 variables remain the bedrock of any successful fitness journey: lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, habits, etc.) & training. These factors must be balanced harmoniously — overcompensating in one area will only get you so far. I employ a holistic approach by creating a comprehensive plan WITH you that is designed FOR you. There is no one-size-fits all solution, thus I actively encourage my clients to provide me with real time feedback so that we can individualize a plan to your desired specifications.

Areas Of Focus:

-body recomposition (fat loss, muscle gain/toning)
-overall wellbeing
-athletic performance (mobility, agility, strength, endurance, explosiveness, etc.)
-lifestyle considerations
-online training / group training / 1-on-1 training